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Windmill Construction
The Wind is free!

How to build an electricity generating or water pumping windmill.

How to construct a windmill to either generate electricity of pump water. This 163 page how to windmill construction manual is complete with 83 full-page illustrations. Each of the 12 pertinent chapters and 9 illustration categories take you in a how to, step by step, tutorial of building your own windmill from scratch. Below you can navigate to chapter or illustration pages that we have included, each with either a brief description or sample illustration.

The windmill construction book contains EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW. Detailing windmill design and construction right to making the windmill and installing the windmill for generating electricity or pumping water. This instructional manual is 163 pages at 8.5" x 11" and includes 83 full-page illustrations. It details 7 windmill models so you can choose from: metal multiblade (farm type) windmills, wooden multiblade (farm type) windmills, electricity making - 3 blade rotor type windmills, canvas sail windmills, simple vertical windmills, pumps, electricity, rotor blades, towers, power calculations and mechanical design principles. All this in the how to windmill construction manual.

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The book’s chapters are organized with the following details:

Chapter 1 - Design Relationships ..... more
Chapter 2 - Introductory Principles ..... more
Chapter 3 - Scientific and Engineering Information ..... more
Chapter 4 - Location ..... more
Chapter 5 - The Science of Aerodynamics and the Air Foil Rotor Blade for the Generation of Electricity ..... more
Chapter 6 - Rotor Blade Selection, Construction and Testing .....more
Chapter 7 - Electrical Generation One – Principles .....more
Chapter 8 - Electrical Generation Two – Measurement ..... more
Chapter 9 - Electrical Generation Three – Needs .....more
Chapter 10 - Electrical Generation Four – Storage ..... more
Chapter 11 - Electrical Generation Five – Power Generation ..... more
Chapter 12 - Electrical Generation Six – Wires and Wiring ..... more

The book’s illustrations are broken down into basic sections:

Section1 - The Major Types ..... more
Section 2 - The Wooden Multiblade ..... more
Section 3 - The Metal Multiblade ..... more
Section 4 - The Air Foil Rotor Blade ..... more
Section 5 - The Sail Windmill ..... more
Section 6 - Design Alternatives ..... more
Section 7 - Pump Plans ..... more
Section 8 - Electrical Connections ..... more
Section 9 - The Tower ..... more